“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. - Albert Einstein


Our consulting team helps clients apply innovative thinking to design new ways of leading, managing and creating value for organisations and industries.

We help our clients to embrace the digital world by shaping their innovation and digital strategies holistically across their systems, procedures and customer experiences.

Janus Development Enterprises partners with organisations to advance company-wide performance by harnessing the power of teams.

We work closely with our clients on delivery and technical implementation of their transformation opportunities and strengthen their capabilities to collaboratively engage with partners and markets.
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Our Services

The focus of Janus’ approach is the management of organisations primarily viewed through the lens of knowledge and information flows and the associated technologies that mediate such flows. This distinguishes Janus’ approach from other consulting services who view organisations through the lens of finance.

While finance is a skill that forms part of our associates our associated focus on organisational transformation at a holistically level to ensure long term sustainable results. This distinguishes our approach from mainstream management consulting.

By understanding the dynamics of an organisation and empowering its people to lead through knowledge and information the organisation will be better equipped to navigate the complex future.

According to our approach we see knowledge as not merely one of the resources of an organisation, but as the basis for organisations’ capability to use their resources productively and to navigate future changes successfully.

We help our clients accelerate success and in the process build healthy, high-performing, self-managing organizations that have the capability to address any challenge. Through a series of managerial learning and development workshops, we share methods and tools applicable to private or public organization in any industry.

These workshops provide powerful concepts, methods and tools so that CEOs and their management teams can solve their problems and capitalise on opportunities collaboratively. By working in this manner, clients build strong ownership, accountability, and commitment to the solutions developed, and avoid the destructive conflicts that cause many consultant-driven change efforts to fail.

The workshops are customized to address the specific challenges you are facing today, and can be delivered either on-site or online in a variety of languages. The content is designed so that participants can derive an immediate benefit from the material and put their new knowledge to use right away.

At Janus our goal is to make your business better by providing you with solutions that enable you to focus on your business. Because we understand that administration can get in the way of your focusing on your customers, we help make the administration focused on what drives growth.

By enabling you to focus on customers you can save time on office costs, management of staff and other administration tasks that prevent you from doing what you do best…. providing value to your customers. Our offering is to ensure is to enable you to focus on sustaining your business.


Our mission is to provide the best services.

We are independent business consultants supporting you to make better business decisions and ensuring business continuity with systems that are fit for purpose and value for money.
Our focus is our clients’ results
We work closely with our clients, understanding that ultimately our own success is directly and inextricably linked to our clients’ success.
Lasting client relationships is what we value

The large number of clients  that repeatedly entrust us with their business is what us very proud.

Why talk to us?

We offer trusted guidance and experienced leadership. We are independent and work without the big business overheads.
We develop strategies for our customers that understand what makes your business tick to ensure your systems are: fit for purpose, healthy, integrated and insightful.