About Us

At Janus we are change makers. The change we make isn’t about process reengineering, or resource reallocation, or even about a new product development approach. Instead, we empower you and your colleagues, inspired by and trained in strategic management, to integrate their training into the work they do in order to create high performing focused culture.
Why Choose Us

Our business is people and we seek to delight our stakeholders by treating them with humanity and warmth.

Stretching our comfort zones to ultimately benefit all stakeholders epitomises how we approach our decision making process.
Do The Right Thing
When faced with a range of options, we do what is best for each stakeholder, not just ourselves. We do what is right, not what is necessarily easy.
At Our Initial Meeting
Discovering everything about your business
Assess Your Business
The why of the business, its vibe, and how it runs
Actions That Will Work
System improvements that make a difference
Achieve Your Success
The actionable roadmap
Great Staff

Bringing People And Organisations Managing Risk Together

We design innovative strategies, develop new customer experiences, and transform industry business models to enable sustainable and profitable growth for our clients.

Help your people understand the primary attributes of great leaders, to develop strategies to enhance their self-awareness, and develop their core leadership skills. Support your leaders by providing coaching to assist them. Having support and counsel on what to do ‘in house’ together with reflection time are key elements in getting the leadership equation right.
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